Happiness: The Little Things

I recently found a notebook with a list of the little things that make me happy. I have a million different journals with a million different things in them, but this one was lost. I would like to continue to do this because it is incredibly helpful for me. I am still trying to cope with what has occurred the past week, but I am waiting to process it until after finals, so I will post then. Here is what was in this journal:


  • seeing the stars across the sky
  • laying in bed finally after a long day
  • finishing a good workout
  • the first glimpse of the beach or mountains on a long sought after vacation
  • taking off in an airplane
  • seeing the mountains or the beach when in an airplane
  • reaching the top of a mountain
  • waking up on a Saturday morning to light rain and thunder
  • breathing the cool, fall air
  • sitting on the beach in the hot sun with my feet in the sand
  • jumping over huge waves
  • laughing so hard your stomach hurts with the people you love
  • light jacket on a fall morning
  • thunderstorms you can see approaching
  • smell of rain in spring
  • birds chirping in the morning
  • sitting in front of the fire with family, watching football
  • looking at old pictures during happy times
  • waking up early to go to the airport to go on a vacation
  • first opening a hotel room door and laying on the freshly made bed
  • enjoying a book
  • watching an inspiring TED talk
  • when you find the perfect song to match your mood
  • not being able to stop smiling for whatever reason
  • driving with windows down, listening to summer music
  • packing for vacation
  • new clothes being worn for the first time


  • watching Planet Earth in the dark with the fire on
  • finishing a long-term project
  • cookie baking weekend with my family
  • seeing long-distance best friend for the first time in a while
  • getting a paycheck


  • a big thunderstorm
  • seeing Orrie (**RIP, puppy**) excited after coming home from school/trip
  • playing cards or dominos with my grandma and cousins
  • having all projects finished finally after long haul with school
  • going shopping when you have money to spend
  • Black Friday morning with cousins
  • finally eating Thanksgiving dinner
  • stockings on Christmas morning
  • watching Orrie open a present on Christmas
  • snuggling with Orrie


  • while running the last quarter mile of a tough workout
  • being smiled at by a stranger
  • getting a text from someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  • waking up in the middle of the night and thinking it is time to wake up, but realizing that you still have hours to sleep
  • Harry Potter movie marathons

This was so fun to do (reflect on, for all intents and purposes). I am definitely going to start doing this more often, because I am feeling much better.