Get to Know Me

I realize that no one is reading this or likely will ever read this, but even so I think this will be beneficial for myself. I need to focus on who I am apart from mental illness and health problems and identify with that rather than with my illness. So here we go!

I am a 22 year old female from Suburbia, USA. I am 5’4″, blonde, painfully sarcastic, terribly idealistic, and highly emotional about everything. I was raised catholic and went to a catholic grade school (have since become an atheist, buddhist hobbyist). Then I moved on to a private all-girls high school where I excelled in school, but not so much in socializing. But that’s ok. I realized my passion for science and for literature. My obsession with reading was born within those walls.

I then went on to college at a gigantic public university in my state. Many of my classmates went to school there with me, but I was certain I would distance myself from them and start anew. I am studying cellular neuroscience with a minor in bioethics and I have a passion for genetics. I have done research here at school, and I help undergraduates to get involved with research as well. I have many different life plans, all of which sound equally appealing. That’s something I like about myself (one of the few things I can say that I like about myself), I could genuinely excel at most any job. I could do anything I want with my life, which overwhelms me and I end up not settling on one option. However, at the moment I want to get my PhD in clinical genetics. This is the most practical option for me, but here is a ridiculously long list of other things I want to do: move to the Virgin Islands and become a bartender, move to Florida and become a waitress, move to the mountains and become a writer, an event planner, interior designer, journalist, novelist, doctor, lawyer with a focus on bioethics, get my masters in bioethics, get my masters in bioinformatics, get my PhD in neuroscience, get my PhD in genetics, become a genetic counselor, study to become a therapist, fashion designer, work in politics as a lobbyist for mental health issues, become a lawyer as a patient advocate, neurosurgeon, get my PhD in neuroscience and JD at the same time, and finally, PhD/MD programs. That’s just to name a few. Maybe I will eventually do all of those things (ok maybe not, but a girl can dream).

For fun, I like to read classic literature and self-help books, incessantly watch Gilmore Girls and Parks and Rec, obsess over makeup and subsequently purchase makeup that I can’t afford, listen to podcasts, and write. I am an extremely organized person when it comes to school and life, but not when it comes to my room. I love to learn and I love being in school. I love going to bed early and waking up early, but I also love to stay up late and read. I absolutely love the rain and thunderstorms and nature and hiking and the outdoors, but I hate leaving my apartment. Irony is just about my favorite thing in the world. Podcasts are my life and my day is not complete without at least listening to part of a podcast on the way to work or class. I hate taking showers and doing laundry. I am horribly claustrophobic and I despise tight clothing for that matter. I am an old soul and always have been. I’m always thinking about deep, daunting topics that cause me horrible grief and anxiety, but I enjoy it.

So that’s a little bit about me. This was a lot of fun so more fun facts to come later, I’m sure!!